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Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Carl



Carl has been operating Rimbey Pharmasave for more than 21 years; he bought the store in 1990, two years after his graduation from the University of Alberta where he received his BSc in Pharmacy. Carl enjoys helping patients with their wellness and is committed to providing exceptional service with honesty and integrity. He is proud of his staff and their commitment to customers, the fun they have while working and the team spirit they embrace. When he is not in the store, he enjoys spending time outdoors on the farm.


Dispensary Team
Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Rob



Rob received his BSc in Pharmacy from the University of Alberta in 1973, which gives him many years of knowledge and experience in the field. When he is not at work he is on his motorcycle, camping, in an RV or assisting his wife around their home. Rob works at Rimbey Pharmasave because he enjoys getting to know his clients and likes being able to help them.



Marg has worked at Rimbey Pharmasave for 1 years and holds a BSc in Pharmacy.

Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Sheldon



Sheldon has worked at Rimbey Pharmasave for 1 year and holds a BSc in Pharmacy.

Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Brenda


Pharmacy Clerk

Brenda says that “Rimbey Pharmasave is the best store in town, and every day is a good one!” She continues by saying that “the place is bright, clean, and pleasant.” Brenda loves interacting with all the store visitors, which helps to keep every day enjoyable. She has been at Rimbey Pharmasave for seven years and when she is not at work she is playing the piano, playing with her grandkids, gardening, and most important of all, reading.

Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Sarah


Pharmacy Technician

Since 2007, Sarah has been an important part of the Rimbey Pharmasave team. She enjoys the small town feel of the store and knows most of the customers who walk through the front door by name. Before working here she was employed at Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, and was trained at Thompson Career College to be a Pharmacy Technician. Even though the Rimbey winters are cold, Sarah enjoys getting out as much as possible to walk her dogs.

Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Tracey



Tracy has been at Rimbey Pharmasave for 10 years.

Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Anna


Front Store Merchandiser

Even though Anna has spent a lot of her life in the Netherlands, she has not forgotten her Canadian heritage. She has been at Rimbey Pharmasave for just over 10 years and loves the fact that she has the freedom and support to explore new ideas and concepts within the store. Anna finds energy in looking for ways that natural medicine and herbs can positively intersect with pharmaceutical medication. Beyond being educated in nursing and drama, Anna finds enjoyment in reading, music and natural medicine.

Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Linda


Head Cashier

Linda’s pleasant demeanor makes her an important part of the Rimbey Pharmasave team. When working, Linda loves visiting with old customers, young customers, healthy customers, and sick customers alike, and knows most people by name. Linda loves her grandchildren and also takes great pride in the sport of curling. She is the wife of a retired dairy farmer and loves the atmosphere and open space that this occupation provids. Linda has been with Rimbey Pharmasave since 2000, and has enjoyed every minute of it!


Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Colleen



Colleen has worked in retail for the past 35 years and says she has never worked in a place better than Rimbey Pharmasave. “This place is the best I have ever worked. Everyone in the store gets along, and the customers are always a joy to serve and assist.” When Colleen is not working she is either playing bingo or spending time with her family. She thoroughly enjoys being a part of the team at Rimbey Pharmasave.

Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Tammy



Tammy, who has worked at Rimbey Pharmasave for 11 years, says that her coworkers are like her second family, “it is not a job, it is a family that extends to the public”. She comes to work everyday excited to converse with her colleagues and interact with customers. Tammy attended Okanogan Bible College and has since become a certified Resistance Trainer. She enjoys fitness and general health and likes to find ways of incorporating these elements into her daily activities.

Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Deb


Giftware Buyer/Scrapbooking

When Deb is not looking for new and innovative gifts to supply the store with, putting on a scrapbooking event, or scrapbooking herself, she is camping, horseback riding or making gift cards. Deb has been at Rimbey Pharmasave for over 20 years and says she has stayed so long because it is a fun and good place to work. She loves the customers and the coworkers and finds pleasure in the interaction she is able to have with them on a daily basis.

Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Kayla


Rimbey Pharmasave Staff: Julia



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